Advanced Clitoral Pump
The powerful suction of the clitoral pump engorges the clitoris for enhanced sensation due to flood flow to the surface. Discover a new dimension to clitoral play, swelling the clitoris making it sensitive to the touch. The ticklers on the...
ZAR 260.00
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Nothing But Sensation Nipple Suckers
Fifty Shades Nothing But Sensation Nipple Suckers are the ultimate sex toy to have when it comes to heightened sexual arousal and foreplay. It uses the change in air pressure to circulate the blood to the nipples making you ultra sensitive....
ZAR 270.00
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Vagina Cup Pussy Pump
Increase the sensitivity and blood flow to the vagina and clitoris and take arousal to a new level. Engorging the vagina with blood increasing sensitivity and arousal. Discover new levels or pleasure. Clear cup so watch your pussy swell with...
ZAR 388.00
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Vagina Sucker with Vibration
Twin orgasmic pleasure for double the fun! This anatomically shaped pussy pump gives sensational suction leaving your vagina sensitive and  deliciously plump. Turn on the vibrating egg and lose yourself in orgasmic pleasure. Product SpecificationsErgonomic vibrating pump with vibrating suctionWired...
ZAR 739.00
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LuvPump- Clit Enhancer Finger Pump
The LuvPump Clit Enhancer Finger Pump is safe and easy to use. High-end finger grip and quick release valve for safety. Works with vacuum valve. Completely shatterproof with a polycarbonate cup that fits snugly around the clitoris.  This focus on...
ZAR 330.00
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