Pjur Analyse Me
Th Pjur Analyse Me Anal Relaxing Glide is 100ml of pure adventure. This anal relaxing silicone based lubricant consists of natural Jojoba extracts which soften and moisturizes the skin. This glide relaxes the sphincter muscles allow for a smooth and sensual experience....
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Back Door Anal Lube
This Pjur Back Door Relaxing Anal Lube allows for you to have intensive anal sex without discomfort. This silicone based anal lubricant will allow you to explore like never before! Designed for Anal Penetration this lube intensively moisturises and lubricates.The combination of...
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Anal Relax Lube
This Relax Anal Lube by Malesation is a water-based lubricant that has been designed to provide ultimate relaxation during anal play. This Water-based Anal Lube is perfect for beginner anal players, it will help them relax and enjoy the sensations...
ZAR 210.00
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Soothe Anal Antibacterial Lube
The Soothe Anal Antibacterial Lube by Intimate Earth is a water-based and plant derived glycerin anal glide. This Glide is safe enough to be used will all sex toys and will provide you with maximum comfort during anal sex. This...
ZAR 415.00
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Malesation Anal Hybrid Lube
Malesation Anal Hybrid Lubricant is an exclusive 2 -in-1 water based lubricant, with all the positive properties of a silicone based lube. The moisturising effect, this lube provides extreme comfort during sexual activities and supports the natural moisture of the...
ZAR 249.00
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Nuei - Inlube Silicone
This silicone-based Inlube gel is perfect for those who want lots of slide for longer periods. The exclusive formula is more dense and velvety than other silicone lubricants. With it's extra degree of lubrication, it it the perfect lubricant for...
ZAR 410.00
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Back Door Anal Comfort Spray
This Pjur Back Door Spray has been developed to make the skin and tissue significantly more elastic. Deigned for intensive anal sex this spray contains panthenol and aloe which absorb into the skin allowing you to relax and enjoy. This Anal spray...
ZAR 395.00
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Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Glide
This Pjur Analyse Me! Comfort Glide is a water-based anal ease lubricant that feels almost like silicone. This lube has a long lasting effect, and can be used for any of your anal toys. Thanks to hyaluron this lubricant has intense glidability...
ZAR 485.00
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This Adventure Anal Relaxing Serum by Intimate Earth is a herbal spray which has no anesthetic effects. This Relaxing Anal Serum will cause the anal sphincter to become relaxed allowing penetration to become more comfortable. This serum works quickly and is...
ZAR 475.00
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