What's Leap Year All About - Anyway?


Romance was in the air with Valentines Day just around the last corner – Now we investigate a different ideal of February romance.

Well today is the 29th February 2020 – and this day won’t come around for another four years. Ladies, I hoe you have all prepared your notes, set the decks and are ready to light the candles. Today is your day; you can propose to your man! But maybe, you should look before you leap!

This age-old tradition goes back to the 5th century in Ireland, dear St. Patrick decreed that women could propose to men on this, the auspicious day of February 29. How noble of him, once every four years, women get to take the leap of faith and have the power in her hands!

Look before you leap – ask yourself a few simple questions before you get down on your knee

  • Have you thought about it?
  • Is this perhaps just a formality – or a bit of fun for the 29th of February (this should be taken seriously).
  • Have you discussed this with your partner?
  • Are you both equally committed?

This is the day that women can take their destiny in her own hands and ask a man to marry her.

Well, ladies, do you have your breeches ready or a scarlet petticoat to pop the question, as tradition so dictate?

We think get out the board games, decks of sexy cards or roll the dace for some sexy positions and add a dash of fun on your sexy leap day!

Additionally, in many European countries, tradition dictates that men who refuse a woman’s proposal on a leap day should pay a penalty (this could be fun)

A new gown? Or 12 pairs of gloves? No bring on the sex toys and the lingerie and all those whips and gags and cuffs to bind him – if only for the fun of it.

Make your leap day as sexy as you please.


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