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It’s an often talked about topic among women – between themselves; they all want a tighter vagina!

This, we are afraid its relative. The vagina changes for a myriad of reasons. And, frankly, age has less to do with it.

Throughout a woman’s life, our body change. We get periods, we give birth, take contraceptives, go through menopause and honestly, if our vagina did not have some sort of reaction, that would be a miracle.

So, ladies, stop fretting about the look, feel or elasticity of La Vagin – all is good. Mythologically one would be prescribed a concoction of herbs, acidic tinctures to tighten our pleasure trove.  Point is, the use of Kegel or should we say Ben Wa or Geisha balls has been around a lot longer that illicit sex was illegal!

The simple and effective use of Kegel Balls, besides aiding in lifting the vaginal muscles and the lower tummy area. Kegel Balls also creates a heightened awareness and sensuality to the area generally. Women come in on a regular basis asking about Kegel balls, and are, quite daunted at the idea of inserting these balls into their vaginas, and leaving them there for ten minutes, no less! We coax them and allow them to give us, the benefit of the doubt.

The idea is to educate yourself in the use of Kegel Balls. Some are simple and plain, while others have interchangeable “weights” giving the kegel muscles a jolly good work out – this is excellent after giving birth or having surgery or any other chemical changes we, as women endure. As we age, muscles loosen (unless you engage in Banda) – Slight leaks when sneezing or have a jolly good belly laugh occur. Don’t let this stop you from having fun, and certainly, don’t leave it at that. Choose something that suits you.

Vaginal health goes way beyond the use of Kegel Balls. Like all tissue on the body, it requires nourishment. Medication, menopause or giving birth and the plethora of life’s life.  Give way and we all need a little help sometimes.

We highly recommend the use of a replenishing lubricant. As you moisturise your face, you should moisturise your vagina. Allow her to absorb the natural ingredients of specifically blended lubricants to aid in moisture control and vaginal repair. And as we always say, wetness does not stop or begin with age. And, wetter is always better!

Don’t opt for “like a virgin”, serums – they are packed with acidic compounds – it’s like putting a slice of lemon in there.  Why would you? Choose natural ingredients, specifically blended with your vagina in mind. Gentle, calming and soothing – and honestly, quite pampering.  Go as organic as you can – with no parabens or harmful ingredients. And while you are down there, feel the inside of your vagina – feel how she contracts and relaxes? It’s a natural phenomenon yet we all need reminding from time to time.

As women age, the vagina shortens, and narrows. It is gynecologically recommended that women, who are not sexually active, invest in a vibrator. The delicate epithelium tissue sticks together, this creates the shortening and narrowing; and penetration can be quite painful. A vibrator, besides the obvious elements of pleasure, ensures that the vagina can accommodate a penis when she is ready.


Of course – we believe that every woman should own a vibrator – her personal path to pleasure freedom!  

While on the topic of investing in a vibrator – this is very necessary – your orgasm secrets a host of chemicals, happy feeling chemicals – endorphins, the vagina moistens as we become aroused, she contracts and that flushed all over feeling; nothing quite beats an early morning O, when the house is empty of its banter – so ladies, your vibe is your is by far more important than your juicer is! Remember, add a good helping of water-based lubricant.

While on the topic of lubrication or the use of lubricants, only ever choose a water-based lube. Silicone lubricants contain petroleum, that not only contains harsh compounds, it will never be water soluble, leading to issues like thrush, or other vaginal irritations that could quite easily be avoided by using the correct lubricant. Lubricants come it a monumental range.  Yummy chocolate Cherry Burst or watermelon. Some lubes are packed with natural ingredients to enhance orgasmic pleasure – whether you are flying solo or with your partner, your lubricant is your vagina’s best friend.

So, there you have it. Vaginal health is alive and well and does not essentially require a visit to your gynaecologist. Pop in to your favourite adult shop and have a chat with the staff, if you don’t get the assistance you feel comfortable with,  change shops – as all adult shops should keep a range of vaginal health products, and staff should also be well versed in these intimate issues to offer you the best and most comprehensive advise possible.

Choose pleasure and ensure that you pamper yourself and that includes your vagina. She is packed with essential nerve endings and is complex and desirable. Celebrate her!


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