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Today, sex toys are hardly anything to bat an eye at, sex toys are out there and readily spoken about subject between women today. How far have we come since the revolution of the vibrator?

Prior to the rise of feminist sex stores in the 1970’s, what were the options if you were a woman looking to purchase a sex toy? Well, you would need to dash off into some dodgy area in the lower shopping areas for a start, slip into one of the seedy stores, where men would invariably be masturbating or ogling at porn movies or magazines. You would grab the first phallic looking object, pay for it and run the hell out of there! Or, you would buy through mail order, with no idea of how it felt, sounded if it would indeed, please you.

How things have changed as we have entered the sexual revolution of self-pleasure and sexual exploration. Women have shaken the grapples of hindsight and taken matters into their own hands. Literally.

Sex toys let you give yourself a boost whenever you please, and it’s empowering not to have to rely on anyone else to please you! Not all sex toys are made equally. Choose an oral simulator, clitoral stimulator; whatever your preference, getting to know your body is the key in developing a positive relationship with yourself – and that, ladies is the most important relationship you will ever have.

Sex toys have morphed into variously delicious pleasure items, that are soft to the touch, whisper quiet and nifty little items you can slip into your bag. Ready. Set. Go! Let’s take a look.

The basic vibrator is still a hot seller. It is easy to use, gives instant pleasure and relatively inexpensive. But they have developed over the years, now boasting a quivering rabbit or dolphin, with added beads to rotate inside you, and no doubt will always be pleasurable.

Enter the latest in technology - and the smart sex toy revolution. From a discreet lipstick shaped vibrator that purrs silently, over your clitoris giving insatiable pleasure to the latest in purring and penetration play.

Womanizer have broken the boundaries in ladies’ pleasure. They have designed the most beautifully discreet and elegant toys for ladies who know what they want. Using the unique Pleasure Air Technology, the cup fits snugly over the clitoris with gentle sucking and soft vibrations without touching the clitoris. Womanizer has mastered the art of discretion. With little or no sound at all, and the pleasure of the senses – Womanizer will only activate when it comes into contact with your skin, not a second sooner. Womanizer is 100% waterproof, so forget the shower head and take your pleasure to the bathtub or the pool enjoy getting wet together.  Not forgetting the Womanizer Duo, which is a combination of both the whisper quiet and rumbling g-spot penetration. Using only the latest in technology ensuring complete orgasmic pleasure.

With names like Soraya, Gigi and Sona it can only be the illustrious Lelo Brand. Lelo have mastered the art and beauty of sex toys.  Soraya is the curvaceously seductive simultaneous clitoral and g-spot vibrator. Shaped to fit directly onto the clitoris and g-spot with the Lelo luxurious touch. The Sona range lets you ride the waves of pleasure. Sona is a sonic clitoral stimulator; it doesn’t rely on vibrations to give mind-blowing pleasure that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

What is Cruise control? Sona Cruise is specifically designed by LELO and exclusive to Sona Cruise. Cruise Control reserves 20% of power during use so that when it is pressed hardest against the body, the motor begins to drop power so an extra 20% of power is unleashed without a drop in intensity. No settings, completely automatic. Ride the waves of the Sona and the Sona Cruise.

Then there is the fabulously funky Fun Factory Brand that offers, besides the zany colours and features, the most desirable sex toy that pulses and thrusts – some have fluttering wings, others have devil horns – but either way – they are packed with the unbelievable pleasure – and one of the top selling sex toys available. There is nothing dainty about Fun Factory. They deliver on promise – and that is to please.

We love the Volta, with its energising tips that flutter against the clitoris and labia; the rhythmic motions stimulating blood flow and increases sensitivity. This is the ideal toy to practice edging; tease yourself with the delicate flutters of the Volta.

Of course, let us not forget Mr Christian Grey. He revolutionised intimate play and took it to another level. Fifty Shades of Grey have a diverse range of toys for ladies. We love Relentless Vibrations. The elegant remote control and ergonomically contoured egg is a sure winner in couples play. Hand over the power, wherever you might be and lose control over dinner or strolling around the mall.

As always, we promise to keep you updated and in the loop on what’s hot and what’s on the top.

Watch this space for the latest in beautifully crafted and designed glass dildos.



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