The Hot Octopuss Solo 2 - Worlds First Guybrator


When thinking about male masturbators – the obvious comes to mind. A ‘pocket pussy” Or a torch-like cylinder looking capsule with a vagina, or anus, molded to your favourite porn star. Replicating the real feel as well as being visually appealing.

Not all male masturbators are designed imitating a vagina, anus or voluptuous mouth though. The Hot Octopuss Solo 2 Male Sex Toy is designed to give a unique sensation; nothing resembling actual sex – but giving mind blowing orgasms.

hot octopus sex toy for men

The Hot Octopuss is completely unique in that it has an oscillation gives the sensation you will not get anywhere else. Pretty adventurous, as it can be used as a couple as well as when flying solo. The totally hands free means you can use your hands elsewhere. Being 100% waterproof gives you the reins to enjoy in the pool or shower.

What we love about the Hot Octopuss Solo 2, besides the obvious pleasure, is that it is an excellent toy for men who have mobility issues, allowing full climax without needing to move.

Sexuality is to be enjoyed by all. An orgasm is the height of stress relief and releasing endorphins that make one feel light and happy.

Sufferers of erectile dysfunction are also able enjoy the pleasure of this as it can be used without an erection – and a full climax is achieved.

Right on the edge of sex toy design, the Hot Octopuss Solo 2 has created the next generation in male masturbators fitting into people’s lifestyles, in and out of the bedroom. Using concepts, technology and materials beyond conventional thinking; throwing a totally different spin on how sex toys should look and function.

Hot Octopuss. Reinventing Pleasure… One Orgasm at a Time



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