• Love in a time of Convid 19

    Love in a time of Convid 19

    Needing to navigate your intimate relationship during lockdown has been a task – life behind a mask and a lot of other analogies we can come up with. Truth is, it has been a difficult past few month. We are living by rules and times are tight. Love is universal. Love keeps us together.  Like all good things, love takes work. Now it takes...
  • Are you feeling Sexually Frustrated? Stress Less and Have More Sex

    Are you feeling Sexually Frustrated? Stress Less and Have More Sex

    So, you think you are sexually frustrated? You seem to be looking to release that sexual energy pent up inside you? In 2014 Sweden sought to select a word that would accurately describe female masturbation. “Klittra” – we are not a fan of the word. Sounds a bit messy with all that glitter. “Pleasure Cruising” has run out of steam, and so have the...
  • As Sexy as X-Mas

    As Sexy as X-Mas

    The holiday season seems to be dragging itself along with torrential rain and utterly unacceptable summer weather. Secret Corner, as always throws a ray of sexy sunshine and will give you reason to smile or snuggle in a little deeper with sexy ideas to while away the time. With only days to Christmas – who is your true love? Is it necessary to have...
  • The Golden Age Of Sex - Myth Or Magic

    The Golden Age Of Sex - Myth Or Magic

    Sex after 50 is immersed in misconceptions. Secret Corner investigates the myth and the magic of the golden age of sex. Judging by media fallacy of intimacy, it seems that sex is really only enjoyed for those in their 20’s or if we are lucky, we might get to enjoy sex after 35!  Nothing is further from the truth. Sex at midlife is indeed...
  • Vibrators 101

    Vibrators 101

    Today, sex toys are hardly anything to bat an eye at, sex toys are out there and readily spoken about subject between women today. How far have we come since the revolution of the vibrator? Prior to the rise of feminist sex stores in the 1970’s, what were the options if you were a woman looking to purchase a sex toy? Well, you would...
  • Working in an Adult Shop - What we want you to know

    Working in an Adult Shop - What we want you to know

    Working in an adult shop is by far a daunting experience, but more so a very rewarding and embracing one. We find means to encourage you to pop in and discover the latest in adult shopping – we are seldom daunted. An adult shop is your safe haven to choose openly and freely your personal sexuality without fear of being judged or looked at...
  • Hot Female Masturbation Tips

    Hot Female Masturbation Tips

    What the Sexperts have to say about female masturbation tips.
  • Taking the Covers off Masturbation

    Taking the Covers off Masturbation

    Have you ever wondered about the chemical changes that happen when you masturbate? Ladies, take your personal pleasure to new heights.
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