• Are you feeling Sexually Frustrated? Stress Less and Have More Sex

    Are you feeling Sexually Frustrated? Stress Less and Have More Sex

    So, you think you are sexually frustrated? You seem to be looking to release that sexual energy pent up inside you? In 2014 Sweden sought to select a word that would accurately describe female masturbation. “Klittra” – we are not a fan of the word. Sounds a bit messy with all that glitter. “Pleasure Cruising” has run out of steam, and so have the...
  • Not So Secret Santa

    Not So Secret Santa

    It’s that time of the year again.  Dear old Secret Santa. He certainly has had it all thrown at him. He is blamed for tasteless gift ideas, inappropriate items given to unsuspecting people and so on. We have put together a few fun gift ideas. A few sexy items and the perfect intimate gift for your significant other. Or at least, how to choose...
  • The Golden Age Of Sex - Myth Or Magic

    The Golden Age Of Sex - Myth Or Magic

    Sex after 50 is immersed in misconceptions. Secret Corner investigates the myth and the magic of the golden age of sex. Judging by media fallacy of intimacy, it seems that sex is really only enjoyed for those in their 20’s or if we are lucky, we might get to enjoy sex after 35!  Nothing is further from the truth. Sex at midlife is indeed...
  • Hot Female Masturbation Tips

    Hot Female Masturbation Tips

    What the Sexperts have to say about female masturbation tips.
  • Be Your Own Valentine

    Be Your Own Valentine

    With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, emphasis is placed on the one we love. What to get them and how to set the perfect moment. We invest time and energy scrolling through pages, websites and endless shops. Should it be sexy? Should it be romantic. What should I wear? And so, the list goes on. Are we too fat, have we thought...
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