• Love your Curves

    Love your Curves

    Having a love affair with lingerie is not always an easy feat. A women’s body can sometimes be from arrow straight to a voluptuous 38F, and some. Undergarments would be your basic, but lingerie is sheer indulgence and every woman deserves it. A tiny item of lace, which is not essentially seen, can make any girl feel as gorgeous as she wants, especially when...
  • Elements - Water vs Air Pumps

    Elements - Water vs Air Pumps

    Secret Corner is always on point with the latest in information and new products – we explore the basic features and benefits of using a penis pump and how to choose the best pump suited for your individual use. There is a growing trend for the use of penis pumps, with gents looking to either enhance the length of their erection or the duration...
  • Yes! Men Can Multiple Orgasm Too

    Yes! Men Can Multiple Orgasm Too

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    Most know and understand the male orgasm as ejaculation. When it comes to multiple orgasms, sadly, compared to women, men don’t hold the same advantage. Let it be known, guys can also achieve multiple orgasms. They just need to develop the understanding of how this is done. What we think, is, that the male orgasm is ejaculation. This could not be further from the...
  • The Golden Age Of Sex - Myth Or Magic

    The Golden Age Of Sex - Myth Or Magic

    Sex after 50 is immersed in misconceptions. Secret Corner investigates the myth and the magic of the golden age of sex. Judging by media fallacy of intimacy, it seems that sex is really only enjoyed for those in their 20’s or if we are lucky, we might get to enjoy sex after 35!  Nothing is further from the truth. Sex at midlife is indeed...
  • Vaginal Health - Chatterbox

    Vaginal Health - Chatterbox

    It’s an often talked about topic among women – between themselves; they all want a tighter vagina! This, we are afraid its relative. The vagina changes for a myriad of reasons. And, frankly, age has less to do with it. Throughout a woman’s life, our body change. We get periods, we give birth, take contraceptives, go through menopause and honestly, if our vagina did...
  • Le Cul-de Sac to U-Topia

    Le Cul-de Sac to U-Topia

    Well. If you ever wondered how many super “Spots” ladies have – hold on tight! We have found another little pleasure spot for you to discover. The U Spot. A hidden treasure trove of orgasmic fun. The U Spot is found in the erectile tissue around the urethra. Above and to either side of the urethra. Just above the vaginal opening, above the lips....
  • Hot Female Masturbation Tips

    Hot Female Masturbation Tips

    What the Sexperts have to say about female masturbation tips.
  • Taking the Covers off Masturbation

    Taking the Covers off Masturbation

    Have you ever wondered about the chemical changes that happen when you masturbate? Ladies, take your personal pleasure to new heights.
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