• Be Our Valentine - Eight Sexy Sex Toys For Couples

    Be Our Valentine - Eight Sexy Sex Toys For Couples

    Sex toys for couples are only as exciting as the play that goes with them. Discover new ideas with our selection of exciting new sex toys, designed with couples in mind. Don’t let the long-term blues get in the way of exploring new and excitingly sexy, horizons. Close the intimacy gap with our selection of specifically chosen couples toys. Spice up your Valentine’s evening...
  • Not So Secret Santa

    Not So Secret Santa

    It’s that time of the year again.  Dear old Secret Santa. He certainly has had it all thrown at him. He is blamed for tasteless gift ideas, inappropriate items given to unsuspecting people and so on. We have put together a few fun gift ideas. A few sexy items and the perfect intimate gift for your significant other. Or at least, how to choose...
  • Top Selling Ladies Vibrators

    Top Selling Ladies Vibrators

    Ladies. Self-care goes beyond a facial mask, boob job and pretzel position yoga. Sex toys are an integral part of loving yourself. This is not just the basic dildo and vibrator. An orgasm a day keeps the wolves at bay. Sex toys allow you to give yourself a boost whenever you need it and take matters into your own hands; whenever you choose –...
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