Spring Clean Your Sex Life


How do I Spring Clean my Sex Life?

Winter is on its way out – and the warm rays of Spring bring newness and change. It’s time to investigate trying out new things and revamp a few aspects of your bottom drawer – or so to speak!

While you are getting your spring cleaning in order – look at what needs to be revamped in your sex life! There is always room for improvement and newness. Here are a few ideas on how to start.

Try out new and exciting positions. Pick up a pack of Kama Sutra playing cards, or a copy of the book. Find a sexy movie and discover new ideas on how to spice up your bedroom positions. They are out there, you just have not discovered them yet.

Spring clean your sex toy drawer. Hell yes! Invest in a good toy cleaner, I bet there are a few toys in there that are a bit dreary and could use a bit of a shine. (get onto that) Remove or replace batteries. If you haven’t used a toy in longer than six months, bin it!

Get to know your body a bit more. Become more intimate with yourself. Discover what turns you on, masturbate more and find clitoris stimulants that give you more enhancement. Delve deeper into your sexual self – for yourself.

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Sexy lingerie! Nothing says it better than sexy lingerie – with so much to choose from. The latest crotchless and open bum panties are so sexy. Discover the beauty of corsets, choose sexy. Find what suites you, regardless, male or female. There is such a fantastic range of ladies and gent’s saucy lingerie for every occasion.

Replenish your sex toy drawer. Replacing the old with the new is refreshing. With new brand innovations, you will want to try out the latest in technology in couples’ toys and the latest in vibrators and exciting toys of various textures and designs.

Create a sexual bucket list. Set a few new sexual goals. Discover new places to have sex, take risks, try a ménage e trios! You know you want to. Have sex in a public place? Perhaps try experiment with anal? Or sexting your partner while they are at work. Ignite the passion.

Re-arrange your bedroom. Paint some passion on the walls. Change colours of your linen, invest in some sexy art. Make your bedroom your boudoir. Regardless if you are single or not. Light candles, add lavender and vanilla, discover aphrodisiacs and eat them in bed.

Alter your attitude about sexual perceptions you have had in the past. Spring is a season of refreshing new ideas. Sex is healthy, it is normal. There is nothing shameful about it at all. Whatever your sexual preference, it is yours, so own it.


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