Not So Secret Santa


It’s that time of the year again.  Dear old Secret Santa. He certainly has had it all thrown at him. He is blamed for tasteless gift ideas, inappropriate items given to unsuspecting people and so on.

We have put together a few fun gift ideas. A few sexy items and the perfect intimate gift for your significant other. Or at least, how to choose them. Knowing what will impress, is a vital skill.

If you are bold enough to give a gift leaning into the “sex toy” region, we share with you a few techniques to use that guarantee you choose the right adult toy that is not only appreciated, or admired, but even adored by the person you have bought it for.

Sex is an essential part of a happy and healthy life. People have been giving suggestive gifts for centuries. Bad gift ideas can be a real mood killer.

There are two kinds of people you give a sex toy gift to.

  • A close friend you have never had sex with
  • A lover who you have regular sex with

A general rule of thumb is, only your closest of friends should be given intimate gifts like a vibrator. But seriously! It should NOT be a huge realistic looking dong. Choose something tasteful. Names like “Cookie Rotating Clitoral Vibrator” sound delicious and decadent enough to eat. If you read that as you unwittingly unwrapped your Secret Santa… I ask you; how would you feel?

Other friends or close family members it’s a good idea to play it safe by selecting an adult shop that has a selection of adult games, massage kits and hard cover books on the art of love or massage. All the above encourage healthy sexual exploration without being explicit or offensive.

Rules of the game:

If you have doubts, don’t get it

It’s more acceptable to suggest a sexual experience than to give a blatant experience

Don’t get what you want or would like.

Invariably gifts are open in a crowd. Keep that in mind.

If batteries are required. Include them in your gift

Go for quality. Not too extravagant. Not too cheap, just right

If all else fails get an erotic book, it’s a wonderful and subtle gift

Never. I repeat. Never buy friends or family fetish gifts. Ever! Even if you know it’s their “thing”


 Adult shops that focus on the luxury have a lot of excellent ideas and games are great gift ideas for friends and relatives on the path to sexual expression or exploration. This could be the life changing gift they receive.

Rules of the game for Significant Other:

Whether you’re browsing online or visiting an adult shop. Both are a good experience. Getting an impressive gift for your significant other requires thought as it will invariably be for you both.

Only get something that you have both spoken about in the past and know they will enjoy

Gift vouchers seem a bit drab but can be intimate and fun. Online shopping for sexy stuff is exciting and can be quite a turn on.

Choose quality over quantity. A toy that will enhance your sexy fun time together is the object. Anything too extreme could be perceived as a joke or may never get used.

Play together with one toy made for two – so much to choose from

Dabble a bit into bondage play – try not to be too daunting to start off

Only purchase from the best Sex Shops to avoid poor quality and toxic materials. You will also be assured of all the necessary bits and pieces to add – like edible lube, necessary toy cleaner and of course, the necessary wisdom your consultant will offer you.

Impressive gifts cover three bases

  • They are on budget
  • They are upmarket and elegant with a touch of luxury
  • The person receiving it will fall instantly in love



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