Love in a time of Convid 19


Needing to navigate your intimate relationship during lockdown has been a task – life behind a mask and a lot of other analogies we can come up with. Truth is, it has been a difficult past few month. We are living by rules and times are tight.

Love is universal. Love keeps us together.  Like all good things, love takes work. Now it takes a little harder work. Live by design. The irony is we are forced to spend time with our significant other, regardless of the stir-crazy situation we are in. Or we are forced to be apart for unexpected periods of time.

Undoubtedly, relationships are going to face a few challenges. Do not fall into the slew of negative media and all things doom and gloom. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Think of the sexiest thing you ever thought of to say to your partner? Make it easier with an adult board game. There are so many to choose from. Have an affair with your partner, strip, and tease. Or simply roll the dice for some decadent fun. You will find more than the dice rolling, but yourselves between the sheets. This also gives you the time and opportunity to discuss your fantasies with each other.

Have a date night. Set the scene. Prepare your favourite meal. With the selection of divine couples’ toys, you can take your date night to a completely new level of play. Remote controlled intimate toys have reached a pitch of activity with new sexy thrusting, spinning and gorgeously designed panty vibrators. You will wonder how you ever managed without them.

Discover the art of sensual fun with an intimate massage. Our selection of gorgeously blended massage oils and massage candles will heighten the senses and take get those endorphins racing for more. Add to the mix some delicious edible oral glide. Choose Cherry or Chocolate. Make it a part of your menu.

Break a few rules. Get tied up in knots. Discover sensual bondage. Or take your bondage play to higher levels of risk.  Ideally, when you are starting out in tapping into bondage, a good idea is to choose a kit. It will have all you need to begin your BDSM journey. Fifty Shades of Grey have broken through and shown us the way with their elegant and sexy bondage sets. All you need in one box.

Keep in mind, your libido is not going to be constant. One with the high libido can as suddenly have a dip in their libido and vice versa. Talk about it. Venture online and see what is available. There are serums and libido enhancing tablets available.

For all intents and purposes, choose to shop online. It is the new sexy play. Take time out, and browse the latest in adult pleasure in the comfort of you home. If you are, by some chance separated from your partner, you can still do it together. Online shopping has never been sexier. 




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