Femidyn - A Ladies Power Enhancer


Looking for Ladies Enhancers?

Have you been looking for a female libido booster? Want to take back your sexy power back? Feeling a little tired to enjoy sex? We have the answer. Femidyn.

Femidyn is a new and innovative product to stimulate both body and mind to increase emotions and senses.

The specially formulated tablets increase libido in women, increasing sexual sensitivity. Femidyn contains phytohormone ingredients elevating moods and sexual awareness.

Designed as a once a day all natural, gentle, safe and effective female libido enhancer, this formula is set to benefit women of all ages, restoring sexual desire and responsiveness’s.

At least 49% of women suffer (and we use the word suffer lightly) from libido loss and sexual fatigue. Our fast-paced world does not allow for 100% all round responsiveness. Lack of sexual desire or low libido should be addressed.

With a myriad of formulas for men, and a very well received and used means of male libido enhancement, we now take a little time to focus on women and ways to alleviate loss of desire, or libido.

femidyn female libido booster and power enhancer

Femidyn is packed with wholesome ingredients that are unique and safe.

  • Cinidium Monnier – or Snow Parsley commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine – for sexual performance, infertility, and suggested to assist in osteoporosis, (which is commonly known in women during menopause)
  • Catuaba - found in the Amazon forest, widely used as an exotic beverage as an aphrodisiac and improving moods in both men and women.
  • Avena Sativa which is high in vitamin B Complex and known to soothe the nervous system, reduce anxiety and work as an anti-depressant. Avena Sativa is commonly known as white oats, thus, “sowing wild oats…” quite literally we note!
  • Damiana – a wild shrub from Mexico and the West Indies, used widely to treat headache, depression and aids in sexual responsiveness, boosting and maintaining physical and mental stamina – and a natural aphrodisiac.
  • L Arginine – the amino acid that is a powerful neurotransmitter and helps blood vessels relax, improving circulation.

So, ladies, it is time to get a little hot under the covers – and discover the power of enhancing your sexuality naturally. Without the stresses – a once a day tablet is here – we have looked at it carefully and decided that it is certainly something that we would like our ladies to try. So, don’t let the 21st Century tribulations take your libido – take it back with Femidyn – the once a day tablet; add a little vavoom back into the bedroom.


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