How to use Kegel Balls


How to use Kegel Balls

If you are reading this, let's assume you know what kegel balls are and you want to know how to use them. Before we get started, a quick run down on why the kegel muscles are so important - 
Your kegel or Pelvic floor muscles are tremendously important and yet in most cases they are grossly neglected. They help keep all your organs in their place and are crucial to urinary and feacal continence. And as an added bonus tighter pelvic floor muscles contribute to more intense orgasms and a tighter feeling vagina! 

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Now that you are informed and motivated to get those skin tingling, hair raising, brain melting big O's, let's get into it. 
To use your brand new kegel balls, start off by checking out any manufacturer's instructions that may have come with your specific set - look out for instructions on cleaning, care and assembly if necessary. Once you've done that just follow these 5 easy steps 

1. Give your new kegel balls a quick wash with some lukewarm water and toy cleaner, rinse them properly when done. (be sure to follow manufacturer's instructions if they differ from the steps)

2. Apply a little water based lubricant to the balls

3. Lay down somewhere comfy and gently insert the balls one at a time into the vagina - if you are using a double ball. Only leave the string out, similar to a tampon so easy retrieval.

4. Now squeeze your pelvic floor muscles without engaging your abs, it will feel like you are using those muscles to pull the balls up and inward towards your chest (don't worry the little suckers won't go anywhere.) Squeeze and hold for a few seconds and then relax for about double the amount of time that you squeezed. Repeat this move for about five to ten minutes a day. 

5. When you start to feel comfortable with this exercise, you can start to progress. Start by sitting up while wearing the balls and doing the exercise, then as you become stronger and more confident you can stand up and walk around. 

When you're done for the day, remember to give them a good wash and let them dry completely before putting them away safely.

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