Choosing your Kegel Balls


How to Choose the Perfect Kegel Balls

Choosing Kegel Balls is a very personal thing. To begin with,you need to decide on the type of Kegel ball you are looking for. There are several to choose from, each offering different levels of either, pleasure, lift and tightening the pelvic floor muscles. tightening and releasing the muscles in your pelvic floor. If you have never used Kegel or Ben Wa Balls, well now is the time to discover the benefits and pleasure of choosing one that is perfect for you. Find your Inner Goddess!

Single or Double Kegel Balls?

Some people find two balls more satisfying, while others find the single ball to be easier. Single Ben Wa Balls are more for beginners, but can also be used by advanced Kegel users. But this is a personal choice. First time users look at the balls and their eyes widen.. Hell No! that is not staying up there... But we assure them that size in this case, does  matter. And beginners should opt for single balls, or balls with a sling, and you can manipulate the weights as you go along. 

What Size?

Start off with using larger Kegel Balls, as there is more surface area to clench your muscles around. While the smaller balls are more for advanced users, as they are harder to keep in and require more pelvic strength. 

What about the Weight of my Kegel Balls?

The heavier your Kegel balls, the more advanced you need to be. For beginners we recommend a lighter, larger set of Ben Wa balls. Don't start with heavy metal balls, discuss weight and size with your consultant. Give yourself a bit of time if you have recently given birth. Nurture your body and Kegel Health is a vital aspect of taking care of your intimate health and pleasure. 

Silicone Or Metal?

Metal Kegel Balls will require more muscle strength, but are easier for you to clean. Silicone Ben Wa Balls are easier to control, and will feel a lot more comfortable. Silicone is also a healthy option, you can increase weights, interchange to your level of Kegel fitness. 

Choose Beauty 

There are so many different variations of Kegel Balls to choose from. New and innovative styles are popping up all the time. Remote controlled eggs -(yes they work those Kegels) Colour changing Kegels and those sexy sets that do a jig while inside you. The idea is to enhance as well and be used for intimate fitness. Kegel Health is the least discussed element of women's sexual health. 

So, ladies! if you are going to clench, then clench those balls inside you - clench and release. Move up the Kegel ladder. Make this a part of your day - any day. And remember. Choose body safe material. And never forget to use a good water-based lube. 


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