Ben What? The Low Down on Kegels


What are Kegel Balls?

The use of Ben Wa balls, or Kegel balls as they are commonly known as, goes back centuries. Used initially in Japan and working its way though Asia.

Traditionally they were made of two hollow balls, one empty and the other containing a smaller heavier metal ball. The empty ball was inserted first and the second one inserted until it made “contact”. With the slightest movement of the hips or thighs, a “pleasing” vibration was felt. This is still tru with many kegel balls today.

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Kegel balls have been known to not only to strengthen the kegel muscles, or pelvic floor, but also to deliver a certain amount of sensual pleasure giving a more powerful orgasm.

These magic balls have transformed and been reshaped to suit 21st Century living with various designs and materials available. But, however they have been changed or morphed, they’re one of the more popular sexual enhancers for women.

What are Kegels?

This is the term used to refer to the pelvic floor muscles, which are suspended holding all your important organs in place. Like the bladder and intestines. With time, like all things, deteriorate, or after the birth of a child. It’s not about having a big vagina, that is not it. It’s the muscles that have become slack and have lost strength or control. Take back your control.

Exercising the pelvic muscles is flaunted as easy and you can do them anywhere. But its good to know that there are magical beads that not only work like a good gym work out, but give sensual pleasure at the same time as well as enhancing your orgasm. Giving an awareness to the entire pelvic region.

Popular Kegel Toys

LUNA Beads by LELO must be one of the best. Each contain an inner weight which moves with the movement of your body, this allows you to clench the pelvic muscles in response. And that, is exactly what you want to achieve. The LUNA beads come with two 28- gram and two 37-gram beads, which you can interchange or use independently of each other.

buy lelo luna balls kegel training set

Just like a gym workout flexing the muscle does not necessarily make you muscular, but the power of gravity does it for you when you use them standing or getting on with your day. That’s what you want to achieve.

Another poular option is the Je Joue Ami kegel training set. This set contains 3 different kegel weights giving you the option to start with the biggest, lightest easy to 'hold' weight and progressing to the heaviest and smallest, most advanced kegel weight.

buy je joue ami kegel set

Be realistic though, don’t go racing off and get the heaviest balls you see, not only is this plain wrong and ill-informed, but also dangerous. Choose soft, light and easy to insert balls, there are many to choose from, I personally love the Fun Factory, Smartball Uno, its silicone oval shape makes it easy to insert and is lightweight enough to use while going about your day.

get the fun factory smartballs uno

The idea is to work your way up the Kegel ladder. The ultimate in passion play and sexual control is experimenting with sex toys and decide what is good for you.

There is a plethora to choose from. Use with a silky lube, and remember, when you get your Kegel love balls, invest in good toy cleaner to give it the longevity you want.


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