Ageless Sex


Fun Facts on Ageless Sex 

There is myth in that sexuality wains as we grow older. Oh, how wrong we were.

As we approach the end of parenting – and have walked many miles and stood on the edge several eras. As we become less stressed about everything going on around us, as or children move out the house, as we settle down and begin to accept what we have or haven't accomplished in life we find this fire begin to reignite within ourselves.

ageless sex

Sexual exploration begins early in both men and women. We cruise through the various stages of discovery – sexual identities and choices. There is no shortage of products and information and pleasure items available for every sexual era that we experience or choose… however transient it is.

Nevertheless, this is about being sexually discerning and free as you have been through all the stages, the quick furious clitoral masturbation under the covers – and hurried backseat shags – condoms on hand. Parenthood and hurried spoon sex in the morning before work. Time and life deal us many hands.

But you settle and lean into the wonderful sexual ease as you grow into yourself. What is age? This is not about age. Granted, with each life era, there are physical changes. Women may need a lubricant and men a penis enhancer, or libido booster. But everything is at our fingertips. Arousing serums to heat up the vagina and engorge it to a piqued point of arousal, and gents have a plethora of their own – Penis creams, that work well as foreplay, sustaining the penis and a variety of penis rings, pumps and enhances – that are specifically merged into your lifestyle, health and well being.

The vagina does not change, if we don’t let it – we have kegel balls that roll and vibrate, harnessing that sexual desire in your own time as well as tightening the vaginal walls -vibrators have morphed and moulded to fit perfectly – regardless of how you want to be vibed.

Penetration is alive and well. Vibrators are rechargeable and waterproof and perfectly curved to reach the g-spot – and there are g-spot enhancing serums, swelling it and engorging it as much as the clitoris; and “squirting” – is now something that is discussed and recognises as totally normal, and erotic; with g-spot stimulation. Mini clitoris vibrators that slip into your purse and remote control eggs are ideal for couple exploration. And, a whole lot of fun too.

As men enter the latter era of their sexuality, prostate massage or stimulate is highly encouraged. This too has elevated the knowledge and given anal play a totally interesting and acceptable spin. Besides ensuring good prostate health, a trail blaze of pleasure is derived, and some men discover that pegging is a wonderful part of their sexual play. In fact, there is a rise of about 300% of heterosexual men enjoying and openly exploring pegging and couple anal play.

Couples intimate toys are vibrating and remote control. It is exciting and keeps the game of desire and pleasure alive. Couples are We-Vibing. Toys are shaped to be used in several different ways, where vibrating together during intercourse is possible. The openness of discussing needs and pleasures is not longer uncomfortable.

Couples have discovered their pleasure together – and expand on that – play with ideas and perhaps embrace a fetish openly with their partner. Nothing quite beats the element of discovering different pleasure zones. And edging there; together.

And for those who are flying solo – whatever your sexual preference and pleasure – dildos and shapely vibrators that are designed to reach every spot – in your own time.

We step lightly in so many things. So, step boldly into your sexuality. We have everything you need to explore and reap the benefits of sexual maturity.

“Does my sexiness upset you? Does it come as a surprise – That I dance like I’ve got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs?” Maya Angelou


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